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discworld_stamp's Journal

The Ank-Morpork Guild of Stamps
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Find out which Discworld character you act the most like!
Ever been curious about what Discworld character you were? No? Oh, well, this is not the community for you, then, I suppose. If you have, however, we welcome you and wish you joy.

1. Be nice. If you can't manage that, be civil. If you can't manage that, at least keep it down to a minimum of violence and try not to burn the ears of our younger members.
2. You'll be stamped once you get five votes for one character, or after a week.
3. Always vote on at least three applications before you apply. Unless there's less than that unstamped; if such event occurs, then just do your best, and vote on them as they appear.
4. Please give a reason for your vote, even if it's just a word or two.
5. Be detailed! It's much easier that way. Pretend everything has "Why?" attached. It's better to err on the side of rambling instead of taciturn in this case.
6. Eventually, there will be themes. Feel free to apply for past themes when we have them.
7. If you've read these, use the word "potato" somewhere in your title. Also tag your post !unstamped.
8. You can apply for up to four restamps, but wait a month in between them. Link to your previous stamp in them.
9. Please don't just get stamped and run; we'd appreciate it if you stuck around and voted on applications, too. (But if you can't do that, just hang about for a little while and vote on a few more, then run off.)
10. Any and all stamping community and Discworld community affiliate requests are allowed. Just tag your post "affiliation"
11. Bold the questions, use an LJ cut. It's included in the app, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
12. Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning. If you don't have your application fixed in 24 hours, it'll be deleted. You may put it up again with the mistakes corrected.

Characters you can currently be stamped as:
The Librarian
Archchancellor Ridcully
Ponder Stibbons
The Bursar
Sybil Vimes
Samuel Vimes
Angua Von Uberwald
Carrot Ironfoundersson
Cheri Littlebottom
Nanny Ogg
Granny Weatherwax
Magrat Garlik
Anges Nitt/Perditia X Dream
Moist Von Lipwig
Adora Belle Dearheart
Lu Tze
Lord Vetinari
Leonard Da Quirm

Some of these characters do not have stamps. This is because your friendly neighborhood mod can't find official pictures of good enough quality to make them with. If you are stamped as one who doesn't have an official stamp, she will make you a nice shiny certificate, or some such thing.
If you wish to donate a stamp or an image for one, please contact book_hobbit , your friendly neighborhood moderater.


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